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Zinc and Cold Protection

Wow!! Goodbye summer, hello fall…!  Obviously the colder weather will soon be upon us and along with that is the increased risk of catching a cold.  A recent review of some nutritional studies has connected zinc with reducing the severity of colds.  In fact, zinc lozenges containing 75 mg or more of zinc acetate, has been associated with reducing the number of days experiencing cold symptoms from 7 to 4.  It also was shown to prove effective regardless of cold severity.  One thing to know, is to find zinc lozenges without citric acid because citric acid can reduce the ability to absorb zinc.  I personally take 30 milligrams of zinc daily, year round and can honestly say it helps protects me from catching a cold.  Also remember my blog on consuming more spinach which also is considered a super-nutrient food that would be great for the cold and flu season also.