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Texting Neck…???

Now more than any time in our history has technology impacted how we live and our health. However, not always in a good way. Did you know that our cell phones can now contribute to “texting neck”? Yes, texting neck! Well, the main reason it causes this problem is obviously the repetition, using the phone for prolonged periods with the neck flexed. What actually occurs is that people tend to look down at the phone while using it. Since the head weighs about 10-12 pounds in a neutral positon, if you look down at your phone at a 15 degree angle, it can increase the impact on the neck by 27 pounds. If you look down even more, to a 60 degree angle, the pressure on the neck goes up to 60 pounds. That is a lot of pressure on the tissues of the neck which can contribute to degenerative discs, sore muscles, herniation’s, stenosis, pinched nerves and more. Recommendations include using the eyes more than the neck and keeping the phone at eye level if possible. Actually, this also applies to your computer monitors. Be smart and be safe. Nobody wants a pain in the neck!!