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Chiropractic, Natural Light & Health

As Chiropractors go, we often think we help light up the health world in times of dark health, but did you know that natural light can contribute to better health also. A recent study reports that those employees that are exposed to natural light at the office have higher quality sleep, sleep longer, are more active and have a better quality of life. It seems the exposure to natural light, particularly in the morning, is quite beneficial to your health. Even architects are now taking this into account with the designs of buildings and office layouts. If you sit in a cubicle with no exposure to natural light, you might bring this up to your boss! Good luck!

The Importance Of Sleep

Sleep is very important to health, however did you know a recent study showed that it also important for your weight. Researchers have found that a sleepless night can impair your decision making relative to the food you eat the next day. Test subjects who were sleep deprived craved unhealthy foods like pizza and doughnuts over better foods such as strawberries, apples and carrots. MRI images of their brains also showed impairments in the regions that governed complex decision making and increased activity in regions that governed rewards. Sleep tight!