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Eat the fat, not the sugar!

I am always amazed when I read health news. It seems as soon as one study comes out, the next research contradicts the previous one.  I read an interesting but controversial article where the researchers (three cardiologist from Britain) say that saturated fat does not clog your arteries and that the “clogged pipe” model of heart disease is “plain wrong.”  They go on to say that in people over 60, the number one risk factor for heart attacks is inulin resistance, driven by a number of dietary factors, especially increased sugar and other refined carbohydrates.  In other words, its not the saturated fat in your burger that causes the problem, it is the bun, fries and sugary drink that you wash it down with, that you should be concerned with. Remember inflammation is a driver of cardiovascular disease and pro-inflammatory ingredients are the sugars, refined carbs and industrial seed oils found in processed foods.  I will have a bit more on this next time!

Foods that fight inflammation..!!

We all know that what you eat greatly affects your health.  Inflammation is a big driver in cardiovascular disease and other diseases as well, such as Rheumatoid arthritis.  Foods that are high in simple sugars such as desserts or soda’s, can increase inflammation in our body.  This can then increase the pain in our joints and contribute to other problems that may appear mundane in nature, however might become serious over time. There are many foods that fight inflammation and here are a few; olive oil, spinach, kale, broccoli, almonds, walnuts, fatty fish such as salmon, strawberries, blueberries and cherries.  There are many more, but I haven’t enough time to list them all.  Finally, the Mediterranean diet is a good way of eating, as it is higher in monounsaturated fats such as olive oil.  These foods can literally reduce the inflammatory markers in your blood and keep you healthier and reduce pain symptoms.  Bon appetit…!!

Olive oil, better than expected for heart health ?

Olive oil may be even better than imagined.  A recent study on rat hearts showed that failing hearts injected with oleate, a fat found in olive oil, improved the failing hearts drastically. The oleate restored the fat metabolism in the hearts back to normal and the hearts contracted better and showed normalized genes that helped hearts metabolize fat.  Even more amazing is that it only took a half hour to show the effects.  We know that the Mediterranean diet is heart healthy and it can raise good cholesterol while lowering bad cholesterol.. Though these studies are on rodents, science has proven that olive oil is a very healthy alternative to other oils in humans.. Time to add more olive oil to your diet.

Olive Oil And Weight Loss

The second fluid that can help reduce hunger, lose weight and reduce the waist line is olive oil. Olive oil has a hunger blocker in it called “oleic acid”. Oleic acid is a monosaturated fat that stimulates the small intestine to produce a fat-like substance which in turn tells the brain that the stomach is full. Try eating sunflower seeds, avocados, almonds and using canola oil and safflower oil to get plenty of oleic acid in your diet.

Fluids To Help Weight Loss

There are 3 important fluids that can help reduce hunger, lose weight and shrink the waist line. Water, olive oil and skim milk. Numerous studies show that people who drink ample amounts of water feel fuller and eat far fewer calories throughout the day compared to those who do not. Further more they are more likely to drink less sugary sports drinks and soda and avoid high calorie coffee drinks. Drink 16 ounces shortly before a meal for maximum effect. Next time we’ll discuss olive oil.