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Latent pain..happens to everyone!!

Health Tip Today:  Well, as a doctor who likes to practice what he preaches, I must say that my last 2 health tips discussed injuries due to working in the yard.  As proof, I did some yard work over the weekend, mostly edging and raking.  I did this for two consecutive days (Sat & Sun) and for a limited time. Being right handed, the right side of my mid back and right shoulder felt some fatigue, but other than that, I was careful with bending as not to hurt my low back.  Today (2 days later), I went to the gym this morning and my mid-back and posterior aspect of the right shoulder started getting tight and sore.  Funny enough (duh), I couldn’t figure out why, as I hadn’t done anything to hurt it.  The light bulb finally came on during my drive home, as I realized that I had been pushing an edger and raking right handed over the weekend.  This is kind of humorous, as initially I couldn’t figure out why I was getting sore.  It happens to the best of us, but at least I know why.  I shall take a visit to my chiropractor for some treatment!! 

Latent symptoms!

I spent some time this weekend doing the very thing I discussed last time, performing chores in the yard, as the weather was finally decent.  Often times, neck and back pain manifests days to weeks after the event that causes injury.  This includes auto accidents, falling, bending or lifting and other such activities or incidents.  This sometimes makes it hard to pin point the incident that injured them.  This last month I have had patients come in with pain symptoms from incidents that happened several days previous.  One from a fall and one from lifting heavy boxes. They seemed fine after the event (fall and lifting) and basically pain free for days. However, they started getting sore and tight about 5-6 days later, and the pain and discomfort progressed to the point they saw me.  Car accidents often progress this way also.  A thorough history will generally uncover the cause, but if you find yourself or a friend in this scenario, hustle to your chiropractor to get the help you need so you are healthy enough to enjoy the nice weather…!!

Exercise To Reduce Chronic Pain!!

Would you like to live a pain free life?  The chances of that happening is fairly remote, however, did you know that if you exercise, even moderately, you have the ability to live life with considerably less chronic musculoskeletal pain than those who do not exercise?  Studies are showing that those people who do some exercise on a regular basis, even into later into life, are less at risk of developing chronic pain compared to those who are physically inactive.  It doesn’t take much to accomplish this as studies show about 2 to 2 1/2 hours a week is all that is needed to improve your health and reduce risk of chronic pain of the ligaments, tendons, muscles and bones.  Exercise has been shown to be the true anti-aging factor we all search for. It helps with back pain, arthritis, neck pain, fatigue, and even depression. It is never too late to start exercising or just slowly get back into it, if you haven’t done it in a while…!  Your life and health depends on it!

Texting Neck…???

Now more than any time in our history has technology impacted how we live and our health. However, not always in a good way. Did you know that our cell phones can now contribute to “texting neck”? Yes, texting neck! Well, the main reason it causes this problem is obviously the repetition, using the phone for prolonged periods with the neck flexed. What actually occurs is that people tend to look down at the phone while using it. Since the head weighs about 10-12 pounds in a neutral positon, if you look down at your phone at a 15 degree angle, it can increase the impact on the neck by 27 pounds. If you look down even more, to a 60 degree angle, the pressure on the neck goes up to 60 pounds. That is a lot of pressure on the tissues of the neck which can contribute to degenerative discs, sore muscles, herniation’s, stenosis, pinched nerves and more. Recommendations include using the eyes more than the neck and keeping the phone at eye level if possible. Actually, this also applies to your computer monitors. Be smart and be safe. Nobody wants a pain in the neck!!

Spine Pain, Chiropractic & You

Have you ever heard of the term “stenosis”?  It is a term describing the narrowing of an opening.  It is a very common term in those with spine pain.  Often times, individuals who have back pain or neck pain have spinal stenosis. This is a narrowing of the spinal canal where the spinal cord rests or the foramen where the nerve exit the vertebra. As we age, degenerative changes in the spine often cause a narrowing in regions of the spinal canal itself or the foramen (opening) where the nerve exits the spinal canal.  The cause can be due to extra bony growth or a herniated/bulging disc which creates pressure on surrounding structures creating pain, numbness, tingling or even weakness.  Some people have it and have no symptoms.  The good news is that the natural history of lumbar stenosis is generally very favorable and there are many conservative options including Chiropractic!.  Talk to your doc and find out what options are available

Car Accidents & Pain

I was recently in an auto accident where a drunk driver struck my stopped truck from behind at a fairly high speed.  I have never been in such a violent collision before and I am quite sore after a couple weeks. I see patients all the time who have been in accidents and come to my office for treatment that can help them recover quicker and get back to their daily activities and functions pain free.  Now, I do have a greater appreciation for what it feels like when patients describe their collision and injuries.  Fortunately I believe everyone involved in my accident will be fine, however if you are ever in an accident that requires treatment for your injuries, give Chiropractic a chance to help you. You won’t regret it!

Osteoarthritis Pain & Chiropractic

Did you know osteoarthritis (OA) can occur in young people as well as older folks. In fact it occurs in about 14% of the population between the ages of 25 and 65. Osteoarthritis is by far the most common form of arthritis and is known as the “wear and tear” or “degenerative” type of arthritis. It often occurs in the spine but the hands, knees and hips are other common regions. The joints can be mildly painful or extremely painful with OA and Chiropractic care can go a long way to improve these painful joints as well as maintain the joint function and mobility. Talk to your Chiro Doc!

Fitness, Pain, Injury & Chiropractor Schaumburg

Ladies and gentlemen, are you into a new fitness craze? In fact as much as we try to stay in shape, we tend to injure ourselves doing the very activities we love. Some of our favorite fitness routines such as cardio boxing, Insanity, cross fit, Barre and indoor cycling and others,can take its toll if not performed properly. We know that pain is a great motivator for getting people to the doctor. Sometimes the intensity causes issues and sometimes it’s the frequency, and often it is the repetitive aspect. We are seeing an uptick in injuries, more specifically women who work hard at keeping themselves fit and healthy. Our facility has all the technology and expertise to help you recover from an injury or just help you maintain your present course. We also provide support and nutritional counseling also. Give your body the help it deserves, our massage therapist are also eager to help with those stubborn tight muscles. Work hard, workout hard but enjoy life even harder!

Chiropractic, posture, back pain & headaches

Health Tip Today: In my last blog I discussed how posture and inactivity effects our health. I briefly touched upon how it effects our breathing. In fact posture is essential to relaxation, blood flow and oxygen supply to the brain and body. Those people who are in a slouched position for extended periods develop tightness in the hipsand decreased lung capacity which alters how much you breathe, how often and from where. People who develop headaches tend to breath from their chest and shoulders rather than from the diaphram. This leads to repeated elevation of the shoulders and upper back muscles hundreds of times a day and leading to increased tension in the head and neck! We can help individuals stop taking pain-relieving meds and teach posture specific techniques and exercises to maximize breathing, improve posture and restore function spine, ribs and hips. You can take back control of your life!

Neck pain & Repetitive Use Syndrome

Health Tip Today: If you are one of millions of Americans who spend hours on the computer, chances are you are suffering from neck pain and tightness, midback pain and maybe forearm,wrist or hand pain. Maybe even some numnbness and tingling in the hands! In fact ,many of the female patients I see have these symptoms called “Repetitive-use Syndrome”, due to massive hours on the computer. In other words hours on the computer creates poor posture, which leads to strain on neck, shoulder muscles,ligaments and joints, which leads to tight and/or weak muscles, which leads to straining and pain. I always try to have these patients check the ergonomics of their work stations, as most of the time the keyboards are too high. Many desks are too tall for the average female so she oftens has her hands higher than they should be for hours at a time. This almost always contributes to the problems I spoke of previously. If you make your living using a keyboard and mouse, talk to your Chiropractor about how to avoid the problems associated with Repetitive-use Syndrome!