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HELP!! Stop the madness!

I hope this doesn’t put a damper on  your day. If your health insurance went up this year, it is most likely going up again next year also.  It doesn’t seem to stop. As a physician I see my insurance reimbursement decline each and every year, per patient visit. So if you are paying more and physicians are getting less, where does the money go?  If you want to understand how the system works, just look at these stats for the compensation of the CEO’s from these companies in 2013 and 2014.  United: $12 mil and $66 mil, Cigna: 13.5 mil and 27.2 mil, Humana: 8.8 mil and 13.1 mil, WellPoint: 17 mil, Aetna: 30.7 mil and 15 mil.  The highest compensated CEO of this group makes approximately $254,000 per day, for a five day work week.  Seems grossly unfair doesn’t it?


My staff can bill your insurance company as a courtesy to you. We can also provide a bill for any visit if you wish to have your insurance company reimburse you directly. We do attempt to verify your health insurance benefits. Often times when speaking with insurance companies, we run into situations in which we are told one thing about your insurance coverage and you may have been told something different. Though we like to think we are very good at verifying your health insurance coverage, things occasionally get lost in translation. Often we can only communicate with an automated system, never speaking to a human representative. I would ask that you also personally call and verify your coverage with your insurance provider in an effort to eliminate any potential problems. Insurance companies will usually explain that coverage is not a guarantee of payment, regardless of what you have been told.

I accept almost all health insurance, however I am not in network with all insurance companies. Your coverage will vary by whether I am in your network or not. Your health insurance benefits are defined by your insurance policy and most individual and company policies are different. You may have no Chiropractic coverage with your insurance policy or you may have no insurance at all. Though it seems unfathomable that in this day and age, insurance companies would not provide Chiropractic coverage in their policies, sadly many do not. I work with individuals regardless of insurance or non-insurance status. I also reserve that right to cancel my membership as provider with any insurance company if I feel they are not fair in their reimbursement practices to me or my patients. There are several select insurance companies I do not accept relative to those specific reimbursement issues.

Please feel free to call our office for an appointment or more information at: (630) 351-4700.

Blum Chiropractic’s Professional Services

I am proud in describing my Chiropractic business as a family oriented practice, as I see individuals of almost all ages. My patients range from infants, adolescents, teens, young adults, mid-lifers to the more mature adults! My goal is to provide my patients with the Porsche of performance at the Chevy of prices, so that your personalized health care is not only quality and affordable but a fantastic value as well, regardless of your financial or insurance situation. We do accept insurance. Besides the usual Chiropractic services, I provide a multitude of other services for my patients including but not limited to the following:

  • Chiropractic manipulation and mobilization utilizing various techniques
  • Acupuncture, Chinese with and without electrical stimulation
  • Physical Therapy, neuromuscular electrical stimulation, ultrasound, high volt, microcurrent and others
  • Physical Rehabilitation including strength, core, stretching, balance and other various exercises
  • Massage Therapy including sports, relaxation, deep tissue, hot stone, pregnancy and other
  • Weight management utilizing amino acid supplementation for appetite suppression
  • Body Composition Analysis for weight-loss or maintenance utilizing state of the art bioimpedence technology
  • Nutritional Supplementation/Consultation for a variety of disorders and conditions
  • Amino Acid Therapy for Neurotransmitter disorders including weight problems, depression, ADHD, and many more
  • FootLevelers Orthotic shoe inserts for daily, work and sports activity (custom made to your specifications)
  • X-Ray for extremity injury or other disorders
  • Referral recommendation for additional imaging (MRI, CT Scan, etc.) and specialist (ortho, neuro, podiatry, etc.)
  • Insurance billing and follow-up including confirmation, verification, and reimbursement
  • Tempur-Pedic memory foam mattresses and orthopedic pillows

This is a brief rundown of the most typical services that I provide, however if there are any questions that you have that are unanswered, please feel free to contact my office in Schaumburg, IL at (630) 351-4700. I look forward to serving you!