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Exercise To Reduce Chronic Pain!!

Would you like to live a pain free life?  The chances of that happening is fairly remote, however, did you know that if you exercise, even moderately, you have the ability to live life with considerably less chronic musculoskeletal pain than those who do not exercise?  Studies are showing that those people who do some exercise on a regular basis, even into later into life, are less at risk of developing chronic pain compared to those who are physically inactive.  It doesn’t take much to accomplish this as studies show about 2 to 2 1/2 hours a week is all that is needed to improve your health and reduce risk of chronic pain of the ligaments, tendons, muscles and bones.  Exercise has been shown to be the true anti-aging factor we all search for. It helps with back pain, arthritis, neck pain, fatigue, and even depression. It is never too late to start exercising or just slowly get back into it, if you haven’t done it in a while…!  Your life and health depends on it!

Intensity is the key to better health!!

Are you a person with limited time but still want to workout?  Lack of time is the number one reason people tend to not to exercise.  I touched on this earlier this year however if you can find 10 minutes of work out time from your busy schedule, you can get the same benefits of a 50 minute standard workout.  A short high intensity, interval workout is just as effective as a much longer standard workout. In studies, It provided the same improvements with the heart, and improves blood sugar control.  In fact, research shows that this type of workout is appropriate for people with different chronic conditions, from Type 2 diabetes to heart failure. Exercise is regenerative medicine, in that it restores, repairs and fixes things that are broken in the body and changes the structure and function of the brain for the better. It can also improve lifespan…!  With all this to look forward to, isn’t it time to pick up your workout pace, a little harder but shorter?

Fitness, Pain, Injury & Chiropractor Schaumburg

Ladies and gentlemen, are you into a new fitness craze? In fact as much as we try to stay in shape, we tend to injure ourselves doing the very activities we love. Some of our favorite fitness routines such as cardio boxing, Insanity, cross fit, Barre and indoor cycling and others,can take its toll if not performed properly. We know that pain is a great motivator for getting people to the doctor. Sometimes the intensity causes issues and sometimes it’s the frequency, and often it is the repetitive aspect. We are seeing an uptick in injuries, more specifically women who work hard at keeping themselves fit and healthy. Our facility has all the technology and expertise to help you recover from an injury or just help you maintain your present course. We also provide support and nutritional counseling also. Give your body the help it deserves, our massage therapist are also eager to help with those stubborn tight muscles. Work hard, workout hard but enjoy life even harder!

Movement vs Sitting

Reasons to keep on the move. Many studies have shown that the amount of time we sit during the day can have a significant (negative) impact on our health.  But, do you know how much you should stand each day to improve your health? A recent study found that an extra 2 hours a day standing instead of sitting was linked to improved blood sugar levels, lower blood fat (triglycerides) levels and improvement with cholesterol levels. An extra 2 hours of moving was also linked to lower body mass and waist circumference.  Find spots in your busy day to stand and move, be more active and less sedentary.  It is a matter of health!

Exercise & Hydration

It used to be that after a tough exercise workout, water was the drink of choice, then along came the electrolyte drinks for rehydrating. A small study recently showed the benefits of milk or milk based drinks for maintaining hydration after a cycling workout compared to Powerade (electrolyte rehydration liquid). Cow’s milk, soy milk and milk based meal supplements led to better post-workout rehydration than Powerade, based upon blood an urine measurements, before and after workout. None of the beverages made the participants any thirstier than the other. I read another article a few years ago that chocolate milk was great for post-weight lifting in order to maintain the gains from lifting workouts. Remember that milk has protein. Funny enough, but plain water, after an intense cardio workout, might not be as beneficial because it can actually cause a drop in sodium levels, potentially leading to even more dehydration. Got Milk?

Exercise for life!

A recent study by Swedish researchers looked into the effects of exercise in men over 50 years of age. The study found that those who exercised the most had the lowest death rates. Even if they had just started to exercise at the age 50, by the age of 60 they had just as low a death rate as those who had exercised all along. The study went on to say that performing exercise was as significant to health as quitting smoking. This proves there is no time like now to begin exercising, at any age..!

Exercising And Weight Loss

When exercising, the coordination of both the arm and leg motion, such as swimming or aerobics, feels easier than using just one muscle group and contributes to burning more calories. Also, by squeezing your gluteal muscles during the push-off stage of walking, one can also increase caloric expenditure.

Incline Walking And Weight Loss

Walking up hill or increasing the angle on a treadmill is more effective for burning calories.  Increasing the incline by 2 degrees can increase calorie burn by 12% and increasing the incline by 5 degrees can cause an increase of 35% more caloric burn.  So find the hills and do your thing!

Exercising And Music

Did you know that those individuals who listened to music, while exercising, lost more weight and body fat and exercised more consistently than those who do not listen to music.