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Intensity, Intensity, Intensity!!

I have discussed on a few occasions the importance of exercise regardless of how much time you have to perform it.  Did you know that if you are crunched for time for working out, intensity matters?  For instance, if you don’t have a half hour to workout, 15 minutes of high intensity training (HIT) can do the job just fine.  With high intensity training you should be huffing and puffing and conversation should be difficult for a bit.  This means you are doing it right.  The nice thing about HIT is that you really don’t need any fancy equipment and its safe for almost everyone.  If you have certain physical issues you should discuss this with your doc. However, you can set up a space anywhere in the home or garage or basement and you may just need a set of dumbbells or some exercise bands.  Exercise can help us perform better in all aspects of our lives.  Go online and find the various HIT workout suggestions and custom tailor one to your liking, but remember, intensity matters!

Bikes vs Football..?

Did you know that bicycling causes almost as many hospital emergency injuries to kids (5-14 year olds) as football does, according to the Consumer Product Safety Division? As the warmer weather invades, kids are going to be riding their bikes again, and as adults and parents, we need to take this into consideration, as we do not normally consider bike ride as dangerous as football.  Most of us baby boomers learned to ride bikes without all the gear that is available for kids today. Helmets, padded gloves, shin pads and elbow pads were not options, or at least not for me…! Now, I do ride with a helmet for protection (No training wheels…lol). Chiropractic is a great way to keep you and your kids healthy, relative to the bumps and bruises associated with those sport and recreational type injuries that will inevitably occur.  Treat your loved ones to the wellness they deserve..Chiropractic works!

Exercise To Reduce Chronic Pain!!

Would you like to live a pain free life?  The chances of that happening is fairly remote, however, did you know that if you exercise, even moderately, you have the ability to live life with considerably less chronic musculoskeletal pain than those who do not exercise?  Studies are showing that those people who do some exercise on a regular basis, even into later into life, are less at risk of developing chronic pain compared to those who are physically inactive.  It doesn’t take much to accomplish this as studies show about 2 to 2 1/2 hours a week is all that is needed to improve your health and reduce risk of chronic pain of the ligaments, tendons, muscles and bones.  Exercise has been shown to be the true anti-aging factor we all search for. It helps with back pain, arthritis, neck pain, fatigue, and even depression. It is never too late to start exercising or just slowly get back into it, if you haven’t done it in a while…!  Your life and health depends on it!

Back Pain Myths!!

Did you know there are a few myths about back pain that many people do not understand?  Here are a few:  Flexible backs are good…actually spinal muscles are designed to stop movement, so flexible backs can be problematic.  Strong backs prevent back issues…actually endurance prevents back issues.  Lift with your knees not your back….actually learn to lift with your hips, they are stronger and can give you better form as you lift. Tighten up your abs when you lift….actually you should stiffen the entire abdominal wall because the transverse abdominis muscle isn’t really needed during lifting, so don’t suck in your tummy as you lift.  These are a few recommendations for lifting things around the house or at the gym….hope it helps!  More later!!

Back pain and bending!!

I never tire of talking to patients about back issues as my own back problem 20 + years ago indirectly led me into the Chiropractic profession.  I recently discussed some back exercises to avoid when one has hurt their back.  Many back injuries are from bending.  Bending forward (flexion) is one of the more common reasons for injuring the discs in your back.  In fact twisting while bending is even worse.  Most spines only have so many bends in them before injury occurs, due to the distortion of the disc fibers that occur with forward flexion.  Sit-ups and crunches are probably one of the worst exercises for acute or sub-acute back problems, until late in the healing process, as that is usually the same motion that caused the original injury.  Please visit your local Chiropractor for help with your low back pain as they are the professionals that understand how to help heal, teach and prevent future problems.

Bending and Spine Pain

Did you know the worst time to bend your back is in the morning?  Back pain comes in many forms and has many causes.  Back pain can go away on its own, but don’t let that fool you.  There is usually an underlying cause and not addressing the cause can mean chronic and life long back issues.  Often times doctors tell patients to strengthen their core muscles to help with back pain.  However, some back exercises shouldn’t be performed as they can make back pain worse.  The most common one is abdominal crunches or sit-ups.  This causes flexion of the spine and puts a lot of stress on the disc material fibers.  The discs of our spine only have so many number of bends before they damage.  This may be different for each individual. The reason not to flex the spine in the morning is that the discs are more hydrated, thicker and more prone to injury.. Limit your bending in the mornings…more later!!

Weekend Warriors and Health

Did you know that even if you are a “weekend warrior”, you can reduce your risk of death significantly?  A weekend warrior is considered a person who gets the required amount of exercise recommended by the WHO, which consists of at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise each week. However, the weekend warriors get their exercise in 1 or 2 sessions as opposed to spread out over the entire week. Compared with an adult that gets no exercise, the weekend warrior reduces his/her risk of death to cardiovascular disease by 40%, overall death by 30% and death due to cancer by 18%.  One drawback to consider is that the weekend warrior may increase the risk of injury by doing too much, too intensely, in a shortened time frame.  With reasonable caution, the benefits will most likely out weigh the risks!  Besides, if you do injure yourself while exercising, Chiropractic is always there to help!!

Live longer and healthier??

Are you one of those who would like to look a bit younger or just age more slowly?  Well, there are a few things that you can do that may help a bit.  Five simple things you can do without breaking a sweat are: hydrating yourself, as it is important to the function of all your cells, make sure you drink quality liquids all day long.  Many people do not drink enough fluids daily. Add more phytonutrients into your diet as they are plant based foods and essential for health and wellness. Eat more veggies as well as low-sugar fruits. Get enough rest. Try to get the same amount of nightly sleep that you might get on a relaxing vacation. A good nights sleep is worth its weight in gold. Have fun. Don’t sweat the small stuff, stress reduction is very beneficial to health. Keep yourself moving, Even minimal exercise daily has shown to have critical impact on our health.  Make an effort to move more when ever there is a chance.  Use it or lose it!!

Intensity is the key to better health!!

Are you a person with limited time but still want to workout?  Lack of time is the number one reason people tend to not to exercise.  I touched on this earlier this year however if you can find 10 minutes of work out time from your busy schedule, you can get the same benefits of a 50 minute standard workout.  A short high intensity, interval workout is just as effective as a much longer standard workout. In studies, It provided the same improvements with the heart, and improves blood sugar control.  In fact, research shows that this type of workout is appropriate for people with different chronic conditions, from Type 2 diabetes to heart failure. Exercise is regenerative medicine, in that it restores, repairs and fixes things that are broken in the body and changes the structure and function of the brain for the better. It can also improve lifespan…!  With all this to look forward to, isn’t it time to pick up your workout pace, a little harder but shorter?

Exercise & Fountain of Youth

Did you know that only 20% of Americans get the recommended 150 minutes of physical exercise of strength and cardiovascular activity during a week. Half of all baby boomers report no exercise whatsoever and 80.2 million Americans over age 6 are entirely inactive? Think of that: 150 minutes of exercise is only 21/2 hours for an entire week.  That’s about 21 minutes daily. The consequences of a sedentary life style are well documented and dire. Those with low levels of physical activity are at higher risk of cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease and early death from any cause.  Also, inactivity can worsen arthritis, increase low back pain and lead to depression and anxiety along with a sallow complexion.  If that doesn’t provide a bit of motivation to exercise think of the fact that exercise improves skin health, eye health and gonadal health. Basically, like I mentioned in an earlier blog, exercise is the anti-aging antidote that no medication can replicate.