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Eggs for all…!!

Did you know eggs are so much better for you than you probably know? I admit that I love eggs, mostly for breakfast. For years many people avoided the yolk to have a healthier egg based meal.  The truth is, eating just the egg whites is NOT doing you any health favors.  Though there are a few less calories without the yolk, the nutritional value of the egg reduces significantly and the you lose the protein value.  Forget the cholesterol also, as research shows the cholesterol (HDL) is good for you and it really doesn’t have any substantial effect on serum cholesterol values, nor does it have any substantial impact for increasing the risk for coronary heart disease or stroke! Two eggs over easy please, with whole wheat toast!

Eggs to lose weight?

If you like eggs, and want to lose some weight, this might be just for you. A recent study of men and women who ate two eggs at breakfast (as part of a reduced-calorie plan) lost a whopping 65% more weight than those who ate a bagel breakfast of equal calories. The egg eaters also felt more energetic. As far as the yolk, nutritionists are encouraging you to eat the yolks in that they contribute to the weight loss, but also increase the HDL cholesterol as well as being a good source of vitamin B12 and choline. I wouldn’t recommend the buttered toast, hash browns and bacon to go along with those eggs, if you are trying to lose some weight, however, having protein to start the day, helps reduce appetite and keeps blood sugar levels from wild fluctuations.

Eggs And Weight Loss

This is the last time that I will talk of eggs and protein, however a study showed that eating eggs for breakfast helped adults feel fuller and consume an average of 330 calories less throughout the day than adults who ate a bagel based breakfast with the same number of calories. Obviously not everyone can eat eggs for breakfast, however, if you are not allergic to eggs, it might be worth pursuing.

Egg Protein

Speaking of eggs, not all protein is the same. For instance, a study of healthy adults found that eating a breakfast containing egg protein resulted in lower insulin responses and better maintenance of blood sugar levels than eating an identical breakfast containing ham. A whole egg or egg yolk at breakfast helps slow the rate at which food leaves the stomach and increases the level of hormones that act as hunger suppressants.

Eat Your Protein

Studies show protein to be effective in reducing hunger. Did you know that eggs (high in protein) can also help you lose more weight, eat fewer calories, feel less hungry, lose more fat, suppress your hunger, improve plasma cholesterol and and blood glucose levels compared to those on high carbohydrate diets, maintain better glucose sugar levels, maintain a lower healthier weight, and maintain lean muscle mass. More on this next time!