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Athletic Injury: Professional and You

Did you know that one of the reasons pro athletes recover from injury before the average person is mainly due to the treatment resources available. Pro’s have almost unlimited resources at disposal post-injury, are treated immediately after injury and treated often. When the average Joe/Jill gets injured, they will not generally have the money, time, and resources available to be treated as quickly and as often, however they can get the same treatments. Give us a call if you have an athletic injury, as we have the same treatment equipment as most training rooms around the country, including our cold laser therapy!

Ankle Injury and Laser Therapy

Ankle sprains, even severe ones generally do not require surgery with the correct treatment and even after a torn ligament heals, the chances are actually very good that it will not be re-injured again. Besides some aggressive exercises for helping the ankle recover, we use a cold laser to stimulate the cells ability to repair the damage at a faster rate. Cold lasers are wonderful treatment tools for a variety of injury. We use it on necks, backs, shoulders, knees and many more areas of injury!

Cold Laser for Injury

One of the many treatments we provide at our clinic is the Cold Laser Therapy. It is also known as Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT). It has been around for quite a while and approximately ten years ago, the FDA approved the cold laser for treatment of physical injury and other problems in the U.S. Cold laser literally applies a wavelength of the light spectrum to stimulate the body’s own cells to promote healing. It is called photo-biology, and this wavelength of light does not generate heat. 

What is so neat about this therapy is that it works amazingly well. I call it ultrasound on steroids because of how well patients respond to this type of treatment. It literally uses light to penetrate the skin and excites molecules that directly stimulate or amplify the cellular pathways and mechanisms that support the healing of injury or disease.

There are four key effects of this treatment which leads to healing and they include:

Tissue Repair-Nerve Regeneration-Decreased Inflammation-Pain Reduction

Here is a small listing of some of the problems that we can use the laser with:

Degenerative Conditions such as OsteoArthritis (degenerative joint disease)

Autoimmune/Systemic problems such as Rhuematoid Arthritis

Chronic Inflammation such as Tendinits or Synovitis

Acute Conditions such as Fractures or Sprains and Strains

Extremity:  shoulders, knees, elbows, hands, feet (rotator cuff, tennis elbow, ligament tear)

Back and Neck:  such as herniated or bulging discs (pinched nerve, sciatica, tingling)

There are a multitude of other neuro-muscular injuries we can treat with cold laser, as well as some skin problems, however I think you get the idea. It is fast, pain free and virtually no side effects. Treatment time is based more on the size and location of injury more than the type of injury.

If you have experienced an acute injury or not having success with any of your current chronic issues, please let us provide you with more information. I have 18 years of experience working with injured people of all ages from birth to seniors.