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Coffee & Reduced Inflammation

As I write this, I have a steaming cup of coffee sitting on my desk, as I do enjoy a cup in the morning.  Did you know yet another study just published, shows the benefits of caffeine?  Though coffee is controversial as a health aid, this study found that it does have a surprising benefit.  Those individuals that drink coffee regularly (5+ cups daily) had lower levels of inflammation.  This is amazing, as inflammation is now considered the driving force for many chronic diseases.  In fact most of the diseases of aging are basically diseases of inflammation. It seems that caffeine inhibits a molecule that promotes inflammation and the more coffee these folks drank, the more protected they were from a chronic state of inflammation. This was determined by the participants blood samples.  Time for another cup of Joe!!

Coffee & Genetics & Cravings

Drinking coffee and craving more, may be in your genes. Did you know a research has identified a genetic variant in some peoples genetics that may cause one to drink fewer cups of coffee than other individuals?  Almost 2/3 of Americans adults drink a least one cup of coffee daily.  What does this research mean?  Researchers hope this is one step to help determine how genetic links to our food preferences can help reveal the biology behind our eating and drinking behaviors and ultimately how it affects our health. It may give us insight why people like certain foods/drinks over other foods/drinks and assist in finding ways to change non-healthy behaviors.  Amazing stuff, I wonder how it applies to pizza?

Coffee & Health

 How much coffee do you drink? In the past, coffee has gotten a bad rap but that’s not the case anymore. Another study recently found that a cup a day may help you survive from a heart attack compared to those who do not drink coffee. Coffee has also been shown to be protective against liver cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and even strokes. Drinking one cup appears protective however drinking 3-5 cups daily reduces the risk of early death from heart disease and Parkinson’s disease. I have a cup or two most mornings and enjoy the flavor but didn’t realize it was so good for me!

The Benefits of Coffee!!

If you like a cup of coffee in the morning, timing can be very important to take advantage of its effects. Coffee is good (or bad) depending on how it’s used. Drinking it an hour before a workout can increase muscle strength.  Drinking a cup or two as you prepare for a mental task can help to recall things for up to 24 hours.  In the mornings, after crawling out of bed, one should wait a bit longer before consuming the first cup because our cortisol levels are spiking then.  Wait until later in the morning when the cortisol levels dip lower to get more benefit.  Enjoy your morning news with coffee!!

Coffee and E.D.

Well guys, if you don’t drink coffee, now might be the time to consider it. A new study found an association with coffee drinking and erectile dysfunction. Seems a study from University of Texas Health Science Center found that men who drink the equivalent of 2-3 cups of caffeinated java daily had less experience with erectile dysfunction than those who drank little to none. This association does not appear to correlate in the diabetic men. Wonder what ten cups will do?

Cardiovascular Health and Coffee

Coffee is either good for you or it is bad for you, you pick the day. A small study from Japan showed that coffee did help improve the function of small blood vessels in young healthy adults which may lead to use of caffeinated coffee in terms of cardiovascular health in the future.. Decaf didn’t have the same effects. The amazing thing is that the 5 ounce caffeinated coffee, did not cause the heart to beat more rapidly and did not change the levels of epinephrine (adrenaline) or norepinephrine in the blood plasma.

Coffee, Green Tea, And Weight Loss

This is for you coffee buffs. Drinking black only coffee boosts the metabolism for at least 1 1/2 hours afterward, however adding sugar will blunt its effect. Also, adding 3 cups of green tea daily to your diet will increase your metabolism by about 4%. Don’t add sugar.