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Smoking and Back Surgery

I tried smoking when I was younger but never really cared for it, and haven’t since, however did you know smokers are more at risk of lumbar spinal stenosis and surgery? A study published in The Spine Journal reports that heavy smokers were 46% more likely to undergo surgery for spinal stenosis than non-smokers and moderate smokers were at 31% greater risk of surgery. Surprisingly, even former smokers were at 13% greater risk of surgery. Cigarette smoke contains nicotine which constricts the blood flow and promotes inflammation which is not ideal for those with low back problems. Thus, the more you smoke the greater the risks. Talk to your Chiropractor to find out how they can help!!

Chiropractic Bests Medical Care for Low Back Pain

Did you know 40 million Americans will experience “frequent” low back pain  (LBP) with 15% suffering LBP for at least 2 weeks at a time? A small study comparing Chiropractic treatment to patient, verses medical treatment, shows why chiropractic should be the go-to for treatment of LBP. Chiropractic patients showed better overall improvement and satisfaction after one month compared to those treated by a general family physician. Chiropractic patients showed substantial decreases with pain severity, functional disability and pain quality while medical patients showed minimal improvements with regard to the first two measures while actually deteriorating in the third measure.  This means their (medical patients) pain quality actually got worse with medical care.  We know more now than ever, about the benefits of Chiropractic care.  Don’t hesitate to visit your Chiropractor because it is a matter of health and healthy life!!

Back Pain & FTP Syndrome

Back pain comes in many varieties and the causes are even more abundant.  However, some back pain can be caused by something known as forward-tipped-pelvis (FTP). This is a condition by which the pelvic bone rotates down and forward.  A simple way to check for this is to look in to a mirror as you stand sideways. If the beltline is lower in front than in the back, chances are, you have it. This can create pulled muscles, stress joints and ligaments, compress spinal discs. The low back has moved into a hyperextended position. Fortunately, this is usually due to muscle imbalances around the hips, such as, too much tightness in some muscles and weakness in others.  Often times just stretching the tight quadriceps muscles and strengthening the weak hamstrings will help alleviate this. This simple fix can actually help patients avoid surgery.  It only take about 5 minutes of exercise daily to reduce back pain and the chances of an unnecessary surgery.

Chiropractic Success and Back Pain

A study of 250,000 patients with low back disc problems ( in 2010) looked at outcomes between lumbar surgery or Chiropractic care (adjustments) by comparing the quality of life and disabilities of the patients.  Approximately 60% of the Chiropractic patients had successful outcomes and about 40% required surgery but only 40% of those that required surgery had  a positive outcome.  In other words 60% of the surgical candidates had a positive outcome as an alternative, by skipping surgery and utilizing Chiropractic care. Another study compared Chiropractic care verses doing nothing for patients with a lumbar herniation and leg pain.  Chiropractic patients showed an 80% improvement at 2 weeks, 84% improvement at 1 month and 94% improvement by 3 months and were stable by at both 6 and 12 months. This all happened without surgery or drugs.  The studies just keep coming and proving Chiropractic should be the go to alternative for back and neck issues!

Back Pain & Chiropractic Satisfaction

Just wanted to pass along a study from 2010 comparing over 85,000 patients insured by BC/BS of Tennessee, comparing Chiropractic verses medical treatment for lower back pain, lower back muscle spasms, spinal disc disorders, joint mobility restrictions, sacroiliac sprain strains and lumbar sprain strains.  Chiropractic care was found to be 300% more effective and 50% more cost effective than traditional medical care.  Also those patients who began care with a chiropractor incurred 40% less cost and 61% were “very satisfied” with their care compared to only 27% who began care with traditional medicine.  Not to brag but Chiropractic does work and it is cost efficient!!

Low Back, Hips, Pain and Replacement

I read an interesting statistic the other day that about 2% of Americans have artificial hips or knees. And of those people over the age of 50, it is about at 5% for knee and 2% hip. In my practice I try to help patients avoid surgery and see patients that have lower back problems that mimic hip problems and vice verse and it is mostly in those over 50. Hip and back problems often have similar symptoms and with the elderly it is more difficult to discern which is the culprit, when there can be issues with both. As our baby boomers age, it is important to differentiate which region is the cause of the problem and get the proper treatment that can help avoid surgery. In fact 75,000 people die each year from hospital infections in the U.S. Chiropractic can play an important role if this is your situation.

Back Pain and Chiropractic

Speaking of back problems, there are multiple types of treatment that can help and any combination of them can be beneficial, however Chiropractic is the initial go-to treatment recommended by a multitude of studies, including insurance companies.  Why?  It works (very effective), it is cost efficient, (significantly less expensive) compared to almost everything else, and it gets people back to work quicker!  What more can you ask for?  Healthier backs for tomorrows activity!!

Satisfaction with Chiropractic Care!

Back pain is no joke and almost every adult will experience a back problem at some time.  Most back issues will resolve without any invasive procedures if the correct therapy is applied at the right time. Chiropractic is on top of the satisfaction list with respect to low back problems. A recent survey shows that patients that went to chiropractors for musculoskeletal issues were more happy with their care than other professions that treat the same problems, with massage and physical therapy close behind. The reason? People want that personal “hands on” approach and not just a bunch of medications thrown at them.

Best Back Pain Options

Back problems plague almost all Americans at some point in their lives. Did you know that a recent study showed that for work related non-specific low back pain, Chiropractic care was associated with lower recurrence of disability when compared to other treatment methods. ” Chiropractic is clearly the most appropriate first treatment options for patients with back pain.” Funny, but we Chiro’s have known this for a long time. This just proves it.

Back Injury and Surgery

Back injuries are the most prevalent occupational injury in the U.S. For those who think surgery for back problems is the first option, think again. A recent study showed that 42.7% of workers who initially visited a surgeon underwent surgery, in contrast to only 1.5% of those who first consulted a chiropractor. Overall, chiropractic patients illustrated consistently better outcomes, less use of opiods, and had fewer surgeries with lower medical expenses. Chiropractic works and works well!