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Back Pain and Over-the-Counter Meds!!

Did you know that a study recently showed that NSAIDS, (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.) are no more effective than placebo for combating low back pain and other forms of spinal pain? In other words, these meds work no better than doing nothing. What is even more interesting is that 5-6 patients would have to take medications in order for just one person to achieve any meaningful benefit.  Beyond that, these meds also can cause cardiovascular and GI issues.  So if you are in the majority of those who do not benefit from these meds, visit your chiropractor for the pain,. Why wait?

Bend & Lift Safely

Wow…What beautiful weather this last weekend here in the Chicago region.  Feels like mid April…hope it lasts.  Speaking of great weather, many people were working in there yards and did you know that bending forward while working in the yard is a very common reason people hurt their backs?  Bending of the spine causes the fibers of the disc to distort and increases pressure within the disc.  These fibers usually goes back to their normal orientation upon straightening.  However, enough bends over the course of time, for anyone individual, may be enough to push the disc to its breaking point.  Try to hinge at the hips instead of rounding your lower back when you bend.  when lifting, use the hips and not the knees. This takes a little bit of practice however this decreases some stress off the disc and makes bending and lifting safer.  If you do injure your back, make sure Chiropractic is your first stop for the best care available.  It works!!

Exercise To Reduce Chronic Pain!!

Would you like to live a pain free life?  The chances of that happening is fairly remote, however, did you know that if you exercise, even moderately, you have the ability to live life with considerably less chronic musculoskeletal pain than those who do not exercise?  Studies are showing that those people who do some exercise on a regular basis, even into later into life, are less at risk of developing chronic pain compared to those who are physically inactive.  It doesn’t take much to accomplish this as studies show about 2 to 2 1/2 hours a week is all that is needed to improve your health and reduce risk of chronic pain of the ligaments, tendons, muscles and bones.  Exercise has been shown to be the true anti-aging factor we all search for. It helps with back pain, arthritis, neck pain, fatigue, and even depression. It is never too late to start exercising or just slowly get back into it, if you haven’t done it in a while…!  Your life and health depends on it!

Mood & Back Pain

Wow!  Did you now that as I write this, there is a big yellow spot in the sky which I think is the sun?…We have had very few sunny days the last several weeks in our area.  It definitely makes the disposition better when the sun shines.  Another thing that makes your disposition sunnier is not having back pain.  Did you know back pain accounts for a great majority of prescribed pain killers?  Back pain can also lead to mood disorders and depression.  Chiropractic can help tremendously with reducing and preventing back pain and recurrence. The right doc, at the right time, makes a  huge difference when treating a person with back and neck issues by reducing reliance on pain meds, reducing addiction risks, reducing costs, and providing a more efficient, effective and faster recovery. Chiropractic works, and works well…spread the word!!

Back Pain Myths!!

Did you know there are a few myths about back pain that many people do not understand?  Here are a few:  Flexible backs are good…actually spinal muscles are designed to stop movement, so flexible backs can be problematic.  Strong backs prevent back issues…actually endurance prevents back issues.  Lift with your knees not your back….actually learn to lift with your hips, they are stronger and can give you better form as you lift. Tighten up your abs when you lift….actually you should stiffen the entire abdominal wall because the transverse abdominis muscle isn’t really needed during lifting, so don’t suck in your tummy as you lift.  These are a few recommendations for lifting things around the house or at the gym….hope it helps!  More later!!

Back pain and bending!!

I never tire of talking to patients about back issues as my own back problem 20 + years ago indirectly led me into the Chiropractic profession.  I recently discussed some back exercises to avoid when one has hurt their back.  Many back injuries are from bending.  Bending forward (flexion) is one of the more common reasons for injuring the discs in your back.  In fact twisting while bending is even worse.  Most spines only have so many bends in them before injury occurs, due to the distortion of the disc fibers that occur with forward flexion.  Sit-ups and crunches are probably one of the worst exercises for acute or sub-acute back problems, until late in the healing process, as that is usually the same motion that caused the original injury.  Please visit your local Chiropractor for help with your low back pain as they are the professionals that understand how to help heal, teach and prevent future problems.

Bending and Spine Pain

Did you know the worst time to bend your back is in the morning?  Back pain comes in many forms and has many causes.  Back pain can go away on its own, but don’t let that fool you.  There is usually an underlying cause and not addressing the cause can mean chronic and life long back issues.  Often times doctors tell patients to strengthen their core muscles to help with back pain.  However, some back exercises shouldn’t be performed as they can make back pain worse.  The most common one is abdominal crunches or sit-ups.  This causes flexion of the spine and puts a lot of stress on the disc material fibers.  The discs of our spine only have so many number of bends before they damage.  This may be different for each individual. The reason not to flex the spine in the morning is that the discs are more hydrated, thicker and more prone to injury.. Limit your bending in the mornings…more later!!

Spine Pain & Lifting

Did you know that most Americans will develop a back problem at some time in their lives?  I’ve discussed this before, however this may put a new twist on things.  Your spine has natural curves for a reason. When you bend out of that natural curve, it really isn’t a big deal, unless it is bearing a load.  That load may be a weight at the gym, a bag of soil or a 3 year old child.  When this happens, it compresses and distorts the discs in the spine and causing the fibers to loosen and divide.  This can allow the nucleus (gel) to leak out between the fibers (bulge/herniation). The only inherent structural stability the spine has is the rigidity of the muscles around it. Without muscles, your spine could not even support your upper body weight.  Basically, we are more likely to hurt ourselves lifting the heaviest or lightest loads. Chiropractic is a great way to help those with back issues and prevent new ones.  More next time!!

Snow shoveling and pain!

I hope everyone had a great holiday with the New Year approaching.  It seems on a yearly basis, this time of season, that I get many snow shoveling patients who have hurt their back or shoulder.  This usually happens when the snow is more wet than usual. When lifting a shovel of snow, the pure weight of wet snow increases the farther away from your body it is.  Thus when you raise up a shovel of snow to throw, the forces on your spine increase dramatically, not to mention that just prior to that, you probably bent over to scoop it up.  Trying to push through an ice patch, with a shovel, will definitely jam the shoulder joint and cause pain and tightness.  Usually the symptoms can show up hours or days later.  So, if you develop back or shoulder pain, even days after shoveling, you will know why. Call your Chiropractor and make an appointment …..asap!!

Santa & Back Pain

One week to Christmas and Santa is watching you.  Did you ever wonder why Santa keeps his back so healthy and never gets sciatica, especially with the lifting of heavy bags and gifts and constant running up and down chimneys? Rumor has it that his chiropractor accompanies him during his Christmas journey.  In fact, I’ve heard that Mr. and Mrs. Clause both are staunch supporters of chiropractic care as they keep up with the latest scientific studies that now prove chiropractic is the go-to, first-line of care for those nasty back and neck injuries. Why not go to the physicians who are specifically educated, trained and incredibly successful in treating individuals with those neuro-musculoskeletal disorders!  Chiropractic works, it is cost efficient and has the highest patient satisfaction! Try it for yourself!