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Acupuncture and allergies

Do you have seasonal allergies? I, fortunately, do not, however those that do can suffer greatly during certain times of the year. Acupuncture may be able to help. In fact I chuckle to myself when I see an article in the paper or a magazine talking of the power of acupuncture to help a variety of issues. I use it almost daily in an effort to help patients deal with health issues. It works fabulously for most patients. I saw an article in the local paper that said it may help with allergies sighting a German study showing its effectiveness compared to sham acupuncture or medications. The nice thing about acupuncture is that it is non-invasive relative to other procedures and has a longer lasting effect without the need for medications. Though insurance generally doesn’t cover medications for allergies, the benefits will most likely outweigh the meager costs! Give it a try!

Thumb suckers & nail biters

Did you know that kids who are thumb suckers and nail biters may have lower risk of developing allergies?  A study out of New Zealand has found that those kids who suck their thumbs or bite their nails are less likely to develop allergies later in life.  The theory is called the “hygiene hypothesis”, which suggests that being exposed to microbes as a child reduces your risk of developing allergies.  Though this is more of an observation that needs more analysis, it is agreed on by many researchers that modern living has affected who gets allergies and who does not.  Less exposure to animals and vegetation seems to promote allergies and parents should think more about letting their kids get dirty.  Even hand sanitizers may not be a good thing for kids.  Maybe being too clean isn’t that good for you.  Parents might want their kids to get a little dirt under the nails…!!

Spine problems and other Maladies

Found this in the local paper and added one of my own.  Did you know that you may have a health condition that doesn’t exist?  Here are a few health conditions that are actually something else.  Stomach Flu: vomiting and diarrhea are usually from gastroenteritis, different from the fever, congestion and sore throat of the influenza virus. Gluten Allergy: Celiac disease is an immune response to gluten and can make one sick, however it is not an allergy like we see with peanut allergies. Walking Pneumonia: is basically a “catch all” phrase rather than an exact diagnosis. Often used by physicians when they cannot figure out the reasons for a chronic cough. Head Cold: No different from the common cold or chest cold. It just describes where you happen to notice the symptoms. Slipped Disc: one of my favorite of all diagnosis. Spinal discs become degenerated, herniated, bulged or protruded, but not slipped.  Hope this helps in some small way!

Kids, Bacteria & Immunity

A study in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology looked at about 470 inner city infants and found that infants who lived in homes with a greater amount of bacteria in their homes, were less likely to have environmental allergies. Kids who were completely free of allergies were the most likely to grow up in a home with the highest amount of allergens and bacteria in them.

In contrast, only 8% of those kids with asthma and allergies were exposed to them by the time they were 1. Basically, it is hypothesized that parents may be keeping their children and the environment in which they live, too clean and sterile, and this is contributing to them not building immunities to common allergens.

Other studies support a growing body of evidence that a few germs here and there hurt no one and may even be protective.  Other research shows that farm kids who grow up with livestock or pets are less likely to develop asthma or allergies.  It is OK to let the kids get dirty.  It may protect them.


Vitamin C and Benefits

I spoke of the benefits of Vitamin C last time but wanted to add that as much as it is a potent antioxidant, it has benefits for immune support, allergy support, healing tissues, eye health, respiratory health, heart health and may just help with supporting diabetes and blood glucose levels as well as digestive health. Orange you glad you read this!!