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Standing at Work?

Did you know that during a typical work week, people spend almost 5 hours daily, sitting at their desks, and this doesn’t even count their drive time, or sitting at home eating or watching TV?  Finding the right blend of sitting and standing (moving) while at work can be complex.  The trend now is standing work stations where you can adjust your work station height to accommodate standing while working.  Sitting on a stability ball is another trend.  Why stand?  Standing helps burn calories, reduces the risk of cancer, lowers long term mortality risk, reduces risk of cardiovascular disease, as well as type 2 diabetes and other metabolic problems.  Alternating between sitting and standing is probably the best alternative to this dilemma.  Alternate between standing and sitting until you get at least 2 hours of standing and slowly work up to longer periods of standing.  The real key is alternating positions regularly while at work and not sitting for hours at a time while working on a project.  Move it people!! Stay healthy…!!