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Spine Pain & Lifting

Did you know that most Americans will develop a back problem at some time in their lives?  I’ve discussed this before, however this may put a new twist on things.  Your spine has natural curves for a reason. When you bend out of that natural curve, it really isn’t a big deal, unless it is bearing a load.  That load may be a weight at the gym, a bag of soil or a 3 year old child.  When this happens, it compresses and distorts the discs in the spine and causing the fibers to loosen and divide.  This can allow the nucleus (gel) to leak out between the fibers (bulge/herniation). The only inherent structural stability the spine has is the rigidity of the muscles around it. Without muscles, your spine could not even support your upper body weight.  Basically, we are more likely to hurt ourselves lifting the heaviest or lightest loads. Chiropractic is a great way to help those with back issues and prevent new ones.  More next time!!