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Spine Pain, Chiropractic & You

Have you ever heard of the term “stenosis”?  It is a term describing the narrowing of an opening.  It is a very common term in those with spine pain.  Often times, individuals who have back pain or neck pain have spinal stenosis. This is a narrowing of the spinal canal where the spinal cord rests or the foramen where the nerve exit the vertebra. As we age, degenerative changes in the spine often cause a narrowing in regions of the spinal canal itself or the foramen (opening) where the nerve exits the spinal canal.  The cause can be due to extra bony growth or a herniated/bulging disc which creates pressure on surrounding structures creating pain, numbness, tingling or even weakness.  Some people have it and have no symptoms.  The good news is that the natural history of lumbar stenosis is generally very favorable and there are many conservative options including Chiropractic!.  Talk to your doc and find out what options are available