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Sitting, cardiovascular disease, you and kids!

Here is an important study not only for your benefit but your kids and grandkids.  In a small study of 7-10 year olds, researchers found out that sitting for extended periods caused stiffening of the thigh arteries at around 3 hours. There was a 33% decrease in thigh artery flexibility.  Researchers were stunned this would happen in children. This has long term ramifications for future health as this could increase cardiovascular risk by as much as 25% by the time they are adults.  Getting up and moving every 10 minutes helped return the vessel flexibility.  Children spend about 60% of their day sitting and being inactive. Thus, if you have a desk job or kids who computer things all day.  Time to get moving. I always tell my computer job-related patients to get up and move every 10-15 minutes.  Now we know why!