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Low Back Pain & Prolonged Sitting

We all sit and sometimes we have jobs that require a lot of it. Taking care of the lower back is important in those situations. Did you know that sitting in the perfect posture, the lowest inter-vertebral joint in the spine (low back) is flexed at 60 percent of its total range of motion? That is a lot pressure on the low back. However, slouching causes the lower 3 inter-vertebral joints to approach their limits of flexion. This means slouching for long periods will increase the load on the back muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and discs that can cause problems. Take frequent short breaks if you sit a lot at work and find some lumbar support that keeps your posture upright. An ergonomic chair can help also! You might even discuss this with your boss and possibly get your company to purchase a good ergonomic chair for you!