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Herniated Disc and Chiropractic

Did you know that a herniated disc is a generic term to describe displacement of spinal disc material? A disc can be bulging, protruded, extruded, sequestered, fragmented, or migrated.  They do not slip, contrary to some peoples opinion. Also, 250,000 patients a year undergo elective lumbar surgery for low back disc issues in the U.S.  A study in 2010 compared surgery versus chiropractic care for the treatment of one sided lumbar disc herniation and found 60% of chiropractic patients reported a successful outcome as an alternative to surgery. Finally if you are still on the fence about chiropractic, researchers from another study of 6.6 million patients…that’s correct, 6.6 million,  concluded that there is “no mechanism by which spinal manipulation induces injury into normal healthy tissues has been identified”.   That says a lot about chiropractic care…it is safe and extremely effective!!