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Back Pain & FTP Syndrome

Back pain comes in many varieties and the causes are even more abundant.  However, some back pain can be caused by something known as forward-tipped-pelvis (FTP). This is a condition by which the pelvic bone rotates down and forward.  A simple way to check for this is to look in to a mirror as you stand sideways. If the beltline is lower in front than in the back, chances are, you have it. This can create pulled muscles, stress joints and ligaments, compress spinal discs. The low back has moved into a hyperextended position. Fortunately, this is usually due to muscle imbalances around the hips, such as, too much tightness in some muscles and weakness in others.  Often times just stretching the tight quadriceps muscles and strengthening the weak hamstrings will help alleviate this. This simple fix can actually help patients avoid surgery.  It only take about 5 minutes of exercise daily to reduce back pain and the chances of an unnecessary surgery.