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Is Chiropractic three times better?

Be careful where you start as it could cost you on many levels. The biggest problem with the Chiropractic profession over the years has been the lack of solid research showing the efficacy of what we do. Fortunately, that ended several years ago with more and more studies now supporting what we Chiropractors have known all along. A recent study compared the cost, efficacy and satisfaction of Chiropractic care verses MD care as first-contact providers for a number of musculoskeletal conditions. Those patients who chose a DC as their initial care provider, verses those who chose an MD initially, had better outcomes based on pain scales, less expenses by over $360 over a four month period, and were more satisfied with their care. That my friends is the proverbial trifecta!! The most important aspect of this study was that it was the first time that there was a comparative study on outcomes between two different providers or modalities. In fact, the authors went on to say that that choosing an MD over a DC to start care for some musculoskeletal conditions, “might actually be a mistake.” Three great reasons to see your DC….!!