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Chiropractic Success and Back Pain

A study of 250,000 patients with low back disc problems ( in 2010) looked at outcomes between lumbar surgery or Chiropractic care (adjustments) by comparing the quality of life and disabilities of the patients.  Approximately 60% of the Chiropractic patients had successful outcomes and about 40% required surgery but only 40% of those that required surgery had  a positive outcome.  In other words 60% of the surgical candidates had a positive outcome as an alternative, by skipping surgery and utilizing Chiropractic care. Another study compared Chiropractic care verses doing nothing for patients with a lumbar herniation and leg pain.  Chiropractic patients showed an 80% improvement at 2 weeks, 84% improvement at 1 month and 94% improvement by 3 months and were stable by at both 6 and 12 months. This all happened without surgery or drugs.  The studies just keep coming and proving Chiropractic should be the go to alternative for back and neck issues!