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Chiropractic and Health and Vitamins

I read an article in our local paper on multivitamins which said that the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force released a report that concluded there was no correlation between taking vitamins and better health. In fact, the USPSTF did put out a statement late last year stating, ” based upon lack of evidence, the Task Force determined that it cannot recommend FOR or AGAINST taking vitamins, and minerals, alone, in pairs or in multivitamins in order to prevent cardiovascular disease or cancer.” So it was very misleading story, not about a general health statement but a statement on two specific health diseases. We often have to dig a little deeper to find the real story. The statement went on to say that patients should talk to their physician about using these supplements. If you do talk to your doctor, make sure they have experience using them with patients. Many Chiropractors utilize supplements with their patients!