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Chiro-Kids Care & Injury

I have recently expanded our pediatrics offering to include our new Chiro-Kids Care sports injury program.  Kids suffer injury and need care just as much as adults.  In fact, concussions are part of the injury scenario.  Did you know that only about 7% of those people who suffer a concussion lose consciousness? Concussions are often very subtle to determine. Sometimes the only clue may be a mild change in behavior that goes unnoticed.  The new saying , about concussions and return to sport activity is, “when in doubt, hold them out”. No two concussions are alike and each child must have their own individual management plan.  Also, even the nutritional protocols are different for concussions than other injuries such as joint or soft tissue.  The old days of “walk it off” are over.  With proper treatment and recovery, most concussions resolve in about 7-10 days, but they need to be assessed, treated properly and monitored before all else.