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Flu….Stay Home!!

This years flu season is in full swing. Regardless about your thoughts on flu shots, did you know that those with the flu actually contaminate the air around them with infectious virus, just by breathing, without coughing or sneezing? A new, small study sampled the air around those who had the flu and found that there are infectious aerosol droplets that stay suspended in the air for a long time. Surprisingly enough, sneezing and coughing didn’t add much to the viral count of this contagious aerosol. The main takeaway from this is that the moment you know you are sick, go home immediately, stay home, stay away from public places and do not return to your workplace until you are no longer contagious. Everyone will appreciate it..!!

Please….No Ibuprofen…

I occasionally take ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, etc.) for headaches or for mild aches and pain, however I just read another study that gives pause to why anyone would take it. Though it does relieve those minor aches and pain, it also can have terrible repercussions. Did you know it can cause life threatening complications such as fatal heart attack or stroke. Also, a new study stated that men taking ibuprofen at 600mg for 14 days were more at risk of infertility through reduced testicular function, including testosterone production, resulting in a state of compensated hypogonadism. WOW!! There are other and safer alternatives to those aches and pain, just ask your Chiropractor..!!

Smoking and Back Surgery

I tried smoking when I was younger but never really cared for it, and haven’t since, however did you know smokers are more at risk of lumbar spinal stenosis and surgery? A study published in The Spine Journal reports that heavy smokers were 46% more likely to undergo surgery for spinal stenosis than non-smokers and moderate smokers were at 31% greater risk of surgery. Surprisingly, even former smokers were at 13% greater risk of surgery. Cigarette smoke contains nicotine which constricts the blood flow and promotes inflammation which is not ideal for those with low back problems. Thus, the more you smoke the greater the risks. Talk to your Chiropractor to find out how they can help!!

What a Pain in the Neck…!!

Did you know many people seem to think neck pain and tight upper shoulders is normal? Especially if their job requires hours daily on the computer. The easiest way to prevent neck pain is to figure out the cause and in my profession, people sitting hours on end, at a computer, seems to top the cake for neck pain. Some people get so accustomed to the pain and tightness they actually ignore it until it is far advanced. Some causes include poor posture, by which workspace ergonomics such as poor positioning of computer keyboards and monitors are quite capable in contributing to neck pain. Sleep issues become an issue when the neck is sore and tight and there is an ongoing quest to find the right pillow to get one through the night. Don’t forget that most all of us tend to look down at our cell phones much of the day putting maximum stress on the muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons of the neck. When the neck is the issue, talk to your chiropractor about how to stop and prevent these types of overuse injury!!

Better Health, Try Chiropractic!!

As a follow-up to the last health tip, I wanted to share other reasons why people visit chiropractors as reported in the National Health Interview Survey. Many say they do not like taking medications. Others say that they sleep better and it gives them a sense of control over their own health. It helps them feel better emotionally and helps to relax or reduce stress levels. Some say that chiropractic care improves their energy, immune function and/or memory or concentration. Athletes say that it improves their athletic or sports performance. If you haven’t been to your chiropractor in a while, you may be missing out on some important benefits!!

Benefits of Chiropractic, from the patients mouth!

Did you know that a recent survey found why US adults love visiting their Chiropractors and what they value the most from it? First, a majority of those people surveyed said the main reason for seeing their Chiropractor was for general wellness and disease prevention. The benefits from their care was improved overall health and making them feel better. They deemed the overall value of Chiropractic care as very important in maintaining their overall health and well being. Also a vast majority of those surveyed found that Chiropractic helped a great deal with helping a specific health problem. When asked why not see just a medical doctor, the majority felt that combined with medical treatment, Chiropractic would help better. Many felt that Chiropractic treats the cause and not just the symptoms. Seems there are a multitude of reasons for seeing your favorite doctor of Chiropractic…don’t hesitate!

Is Chiropractic three times better?

Be careful where you start as it could cost you on many levels. The biggest problem with the Chiropractic profession over the years has been the lack of solid research showing the efficacy of what we do. Fortunately, that ended several years ago with more and more studies now supporting what we Chiropractors have known all along. A recent study compared the cost, efficacy and satisfaction of Chiropractic care verses MD care as first-contact providers for a number of musculoskeletal conditions. Those patients who chose a DC as their initial care provider, verses those who chose an MD initially, had better outcomes based on pain scales, less expenses by over $360 over a four month period, and were more satisfied with their care. That my friends is the proverbial trifecta!! The most important aspect of this study was that it was the first time that there was a comparative study on outcomes between two different providers or modalities. In fact, the authors went on to say that that choosing an MD over a DC to start care for some musculoskeletal conditions, “might actually be a mistake.” Three great reasons to see your DC….!!

No Surgery Please!

You have heard me tout this same information before, but this is important. Eighty percent of all adults will experience some type of back pain in their lives. Very recent studies show that for chronic back pain, surgery doesn’t work any better than conservative care. An 11 year follow-up study of spinal fusion patients showed that their self-rated outcomes, were no better than those patients that went with conservative care, for their back pain. This conservative care includes chiropractic. This is not the first study to support conservative care for lower back pain. Please pass this along to family and friends! Just remember, you can never undo a back surgery.

Keep the Disc Healthy..!!

I read an article discussing back pain, and as most chiropractic patients know, adjustments can help reduce back pain, improve spinal function and reduce the need for surgery and the nasty meds such as opioids. Not to mention that patients rank their satisfaction with chiropractic care at the top of the list of provider care. A recent study proves that not only does chiropractic adjustments help with back pain but it may also help maintain or even increase the height of the spinal disc. As we age, or if the disc is injured , it often loses its height, usually through degenerative changes. Since the discs are the shock absorbers of our spine, it is imperative to do whatever one can, to maintain the overall health of their spine. Chiropractic can help with a variety of health issues and this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.!!

Forget Fusion…!

Read this interesting information about the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation relative to spinal fusion surgery for lower back pain. A rule change, beginning 2018, says no spinal fusion surgery without at least 60 days of conservative care, prior. This conservative care can include chiropractic. Also, it states that opioids should be avoided whenever possible and the avoidance of “provider catastrophizing the explanation of the MRI findings.” Why? Because spinal fusion outcomes are significantly worse than non-fusion surgery. A study found 77% of the workers did not return to work for 2 years after fusion. Most back problems will respond to chiropractic and conservative care. Studies now support chiropractic care as being the first responders for conservative care. Pass the word!!