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All about athletics.

Sports injury care, just like the pros!!

Do you know the most common ligament injured in a sprained ankle (inversion sprain)? With summer cruising along, the sports season heats up, as baseball and softball players are happy to be outside in the sunshine doing their thing.  One of our local pro baseball players (think MVP) recently sprained an ankle and after just a couple days said he felt much better stating he received immediate care for the injury.  Did you know if you sprain your ankle, you can get professional care just like the pros? The pros may get more round-the-clock care than us average joes, however, you still can get great care for sports injuries, just like the athletes making the big bucks.  Our clinic has the technology and knowledge to treat sports injuries of almost any type.  Give it a try!! Answer, next time !!

Sports injury treatment, like the pro’s

Last time I spoke about sports injuries. I am a certified chiropractic sports physician (CCSP) and have been treating those with sports injuries from the beginning of my career. Did you know that you can get the same care professional athletes get when they are injured?  Let’s be honest, professional athletes generally can have around-the-clock care and access to all the bells and whistles that you and I probably wont get when we get hurt. However, an injury to a pro athlete is often the same injury you and I get. A major difference is, we cant miss work and tend to gut-it-out through those injuries. I don’t know about you, but if I’m not working, I usually am not making any money. So, if you or the young athlete in your family suffers a sports or non-sports injury, think Chiropractic.  It works.

Hats off to Dads!!

I had a great Fathers Day and hope everyone was able to spend some time with dad over the weekend, talk to him or share a couple of great memories of time spent with him.  Dads (and moms) all over the country have taught their kids how to play various types of sports. Speaking of sports, did you know chiropractic physicians treat sports injuries of all types. In fact many chiropractors, such as myself, further their education by taking specific post-graduate classes to deal with sports injury and get additional certifications in treating those types of injuries. Those injuries could be everything from sprains and strains to concussions. So next time you or a child has a sports injury, talk to your chiropractor, I’m positive they can help!!

Pick up the pace!!

Did you know that increasing your fitness level, just a little, might help reduce your chance of dying an early death.  Researchers looked at the records of more than 10,000 people and found that simply ramping up the fitness levels a from low to intermediate or higher, made men 44% less likely to die from an early death compared to the couch potato.  More research is now concluding that exercise is literally the fountain of youth.  Re-examine your exercise priorities now that the nice weather is upon us. Pick up the intensity just a little, it will pay off…!!

Intensity, Intensity, Intensity!!

I have discussed on a few occasions the importance of exercise regardless of how much time you have to perform it.  Did you know that if you are crunched for time for working out, intensity matters?  For instance, if you don’t have a half hour to workout, 15 minutes of high intensity training (HIT) can do the job just fine.  With high intensity training you should be huffing and puffing and conversation should be difficult for a bit.  This means you are doing it right.  The nice thing about HIT is that you really don’t need any fancy equipment and its safe for almost everyone.  If you have certain physical issues you should discuss this with your doc. However, you can set up a space anywhere in the home or garage or basement and you may just need a set of dumbbells or some exercise bands.  Exercise can help us perform better in all aspects of our lives.  Go online and find the various HIT workout suggestions and custom tailor one to your liking, but remember, intensity matters!

Injury & Chiropractic Care

If you have paid any attention to the World Series, you will know that one of the Cubs injured players has returned to the lineup as a designated hitter. After being injured on April 7th, his first hit this year was in game one of the Series and so far has played amazingly well. This young man has almost totally recovered from two torn ligaments in his knee.  He has been cleared by his doctors to hit and run but not to play in the field. This has all taken place in a short period of approximately 6 months.  He received the best care available because he is a professional athlete and has access to the best the resources.  Even though we are not professional athletes, it shouldn’t stop us from having the best care available. If you have back or neck problems you probably do not have the luxury of having treatment daily, but if you want the best care available for those issues, consider chiropractic, as we are the best at what we do!

Chiro-Kids Care & Injury

I have recently expanded our pediatrics offering to include our new Chiro-Kids Care sports injury program.  Kids suffer injury and need care just as much as adults.  In fact, concussions are part of the injury scenario.  Did you know that only about 7% of those people who suffer a concussion lose consciousness? Concussions are often very subtle to determine. Sometimes the only clue may be a mild change in behavior that goes unnoticed.  The new saying , about concussions and return to sport activity is, “when in doubt, hold them out”. No two concussions are alike and each child must have their own individual management plan.  Also, even the nutritional protocols are different for concussions than other injuries such as joint or soft tissue.  The old days of “walk it off” are over.  With proper treatment and recovery, most concussions resolve in about 7-10 days, but they need to be assessed, treated properly and monitored before all else.

Athletic Performance & Chiropractic Adjustments

Did you know that Tom Brady and Aaron Rogers rely on chiropractic care and so did Jerry Rice.  Many pro, collegiate and high school athletes do.  A recent small study looked at athletic performance of a Division One (Virginia Tech) college football team for two seasons.  They looked at their performance after some athletes had a chiropractic adjustment before their games.  The results showed a small correlation to increased positive athletic performance after an adjustment.  Every small advantage an athlete gets during his sport is a positive edge and can be a huge difference maker when competition is at its highest levels.  It may even translate more to kids at the elementary, middle schools and high school levels!

Concussion Nutrition

Concussions are very big topic in sports now. Not just at the pro level but at the amateur levels also.  Knowing what to look for is important when it comes to head/brain injury. Did you know that there is a nutritional protocol for those individuals recovering from a concussion?  Most concussions if treated properly will resolve within 7-10 days.  During recovery it is important to drink plenty of fluids to wash out the metabolites as with any type of bruising.  Also for the first 24 hours consider fasting.  Or at least eat low quality foods such as a high fat, moderate protein and very few carbs.  Eat smaller meals with higher protein content and high fat for at least the first 24 hours!  When it comes to concussions, “when in doubt, hold them out”

Athletics, Injury, and Sports

I have been an avid sports fan my entire life.  I can remember watching baseball from the floor of my parents home as far back as my pre-kindergarten ages as well as playing it in the front yard with my parents and neighbors.  I always thought I would end up being a professional baseball player. During my high school days, I played baseball, football and wrestled (I hated the diet part). During college I played football and baseball.  After college I tried out for the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL.  I never became a professional athlete, as things just didn’t work out, but it wasn’t for lack of effort.  Now I play golf (so,so well), work out (semi-religiously) and enjoy what adventures life has to offer.

The reason I am relaying this bit of information is to explain that I am no stranger to athletics and sports injury.  I was fortunate enough not to have experienced any terrible injury during my playing days, however I did get hurt enough on a few instances to miss some college games due to injury.  I now have some physical reminders from the culmination of all the sports collisions I survived during my younger sports years.  I have a great knowledge of the sports activities and mechanisms of injury and understand how to treat athletic injuries.

Injury acquired during sports activity is often the same type of injury one could suffer around the house, in the garden or at work. Usually the only difference from one injury, to another of the same, is the mechanism by which it occurred. For example if you sprain an ankle playing basketball, is it any different than spraining your ankle tripping over a toy at home?  Generally, only the way it happened is different, and maybe the severity, however you can injure the same structures and tissue. Since people are all different, healing times are different, severity of injury is different, the treatment needs to be individualized for the person and the injury.

I am a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP), which means I have specific training dealing with sports type injuries.  I see little athletes, high school athletes, weekend warrior athletes and even professional athletes.  Athletes are often the most difficult of my patients to treat as they really don’t like to be slowed down with injury, because like myself, they enjoy the challenge of the sport, competition, and sense of accomplishment.  Athletes tend to try and play through injury often at a detriment to themselves.  This type of attitude can cause additional damage to already injured tissues.

No matter what sport you play, give yourself the time to heal and find the right type of treatment for those acute, chronic or nagging type injuries. The older we get, the slower our healing time becomes physiologically.  On the opposite end of that spectrum are the youngsters, who heal very quickly…..Oh, to be young again!  Please call our clinic for more information at 630-351-4700.