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Benefits of Chiropractic, from the patients mouth!

Did you know that a recent survey found why US adults love visiting their Chiropractors and what they value the most from it? First, a majority of those people surveyed said the main reason for seeing their Chiropractor was for general wellness and disease prevention. The benefits from their care was improved overall health and making them feel better. They deemed the overall value of Chiropractic care as very important in maintaining their overall health and well being. Also a vast majority of those surveyed found that Chiropractic helped a great deal with helping a specific health problem. When asked why not see just a medical doctor, the majority felt that combined with medical treatment, Chiropractic would help better. Many felt that Chiropractic treats the cause and not just the symptoms. Seems there are a multitude of reasons for seeing your favorite doctor of Chiropractic…don’t hesitate!