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Meet Dr. Blum

Dr. John “Jack” Blum graduated “Summa Cum Laude” from the National College of Chiropractic in 1995 as a Doctor of Chiropractic and also earned a bachelor’s of science degree in Human Biology. His undergraduate studies were performed at Hastings College in Nebraska where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Education, with emphasis in physical education and an English minor.

Dr. Blum holds several certifications including Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP), Physiological Therapeutics, Physical Rehabilitation...

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To put this in the simplest terms, if you, a friend or a loved one has pain, or is hurt or injured, we can help! For the last 19 years, Blum Chiropractic in Schaumburg, IL has played an integral role in the lives of so many people seeking alternative care for pain and injury. From the little tikes, to the adults and everyone between, we have the technology, experience and knowledge to help our patients recover from those simple or complex problems that interfere with a job, sports, leisure or those normal daily activities. We treat every patient as one of our own family and spend as much time as necessary, to allow each patient to reach their optimum functioning level.

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Established in 1995, practicing in the Schaumburg area for 21 years!

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Physical Rehabilitation
Chiropractic Manipulation
Cold Laser Therapy
Massage Therapy
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Latest from the Blog

Flu….Stay Home!!

This years flu season is in full swing. Regardless about your thoughts on flu shots, did you know that those with the flu actually contaminate the air around them with infectious virus, just by breathing, without coughing or sneezing? A new, small study sampled the air around those who had the flu and found that there are infectious aerosol droplets that stay suspended in the air for a long time. Surprisingly enough, sneezing and coughing didn’t add much to the viral count of this contagious aerosol. The main takeaway from this is that the moment you know you are sick, go home immediately, stay home, stay away from public places and do not return to your workplace until you are no longer contagious. Everyone will appreciate it..!!

Please….No Ibuprofen…

I occasionally take ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, etc.) for headaches or for mild aches and pain, however I just read another study that gives pause to why anyone would take it. Though it does relieve those minor aches and pain, it also can have terrible repercussions. Did you know it can cause life threatening complications such as fatal heart attack or stroke. Also, a new study stated that men taking ibuprofen at 600mg for 14 days were more at risk of infertility through reduced testicular function, including testosterone production, resulting in a state of compensated hypogonadism. WOW!! There are other and safer alternatives to those aches and pain, just ask your Chiropractor..!!

Smoking and Back Surgery

I tried smoking when I was younger but never really cared for it, and haven’t since, however did you know smokers are more at risk of lumbar spinal stenosis and surgery? A study published in The Spine Journal reports that heavy smokers were 46% more likely to undergo surgery for spinal stenosis than non-smokers and moderate smokers were at 31% greater risk of surgery. Surprisingly, even former smokers were at 13% greater risk of surgery. Cigarette smoke contains nicotine which constricts the blood flow and promotes inflammation which is not ideal for those with low back problems. Thus, the more you smoke the greater the risks. Talk to your Chiropractor to find out how they can help!!